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Paper Roll Flower Arrangement

Going on a business trip with the kids has inspired me to look for more easy and accessible ideas to engage them in activities that are not only fun, but also promote some developmental skills. The Little One enjoyed the endless amount of colorful flowers and kept bringing them into the room. When we had an empty paper roll I thought it would be fun for her to make a flower arrangement and work on pincer grasp, bilateral coordination, and eye-hand coordination. As she will be starting kindergarten soon, these are all important skills to enhance.


Materials: paper roll, scissors, flowers (can use plastic flowers too).

  1. The adult will randomly poke little slits/holes in the paper roll.
  2. Encourage the child use a pincer grasp to hold the flowers at the base and insert each flower to an opening. The openings I made were narrow, which required grading the force she used to insert the flowers (and we got to work on some proprioception).
  3. Encourage the child to utilize both hands, one to insert the flowers and the other to stabilize the roll.

Little One was very excited and happy with the result! She made a few more during the trip and used it to decorate her bedroom

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